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Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate.

Are you working in a food environment and handling dishes already prepared? Do you need hygiene training but can’t spare the time for a full day in a classroom?

Our level 1 food hygiene course has 6 chapters which can be watched within 1 hour followed by a 15 question exam.

We will walk and talk you through each chapter with real chefs in real kitchens.

Our level 1 course is the quickest, most effective and best quality eLearning on the market and will suit businesses and individual’s needs.

You be the judge but what is certain is we have slashed the cost of level 1 food hygiene training without compromising quality or accreditation.

This is a fully accredited level 1 course with a Qualifi accredited certificate.


  • Safer Food essentials - 100% online incl exam
    5 X - Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate - £11.00 per person
    10 X - Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate - £10.75 per person
    25 X - Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate - £10.50 per person
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The Safer Food Group are proud training provider to:

The Safer Food Group Mission: To deliver you the lowest cost and best quality Online Food Safety Certificates & Training experience in the UK. It’s that simple.


“Did this in just under an hour. Was brilliant that I could sit at home and pass in my own time around my life! So easy to follow and learn - highly recommended!!”
Tina Watts (Practice Nurse) Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust