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Keeping record of all staff training

Small business staff training monitoring
Any purchase beyond one Level 1 food hygiene course creates a business account that will allow you to monitor the progress of the staff you distribute course codes to. As they work through the course you will be able to see live tracking of their registration, progress though the course and when they pass you will hold record and a copy of the pass certificate. Added features include downloadable VAT receipts online ordering and course code management tools. If you are ever inspected you can login to the business account and show your local EHO your full training records.

Tracking you own training

If it is yourself buying the Level 1 food hygiene course you will have in course progress tracking to show you how much you have covered and what's left to do. Your admin area will allow you to download a VAT receipt for your records and at any point after you have passed you can pop back and download your pass certificate if you lose it or it gets damaged. If you need to renew in three years you can just log back in and purchase again to run through the course and keep your training up to date. Your admin area will give you your full training record every time you go through our course and can be shown to any potential employers.

Please note - you cannot access the course content once you have completed and passed the exam.

Organisation staff training monitoring
If you are a large organisation we can offer full reporting and monitoring across your estate with site by site management. Multiple staff can access this area with varying levels of control to view learner progress, purchasing, download reports and assigning course codes to individuals.

Call us on 0800 612 6784 if you would like to know more about our organisation staff training monitoring system.